Certified in the STOTT PILATES method, Susan Gala has over 25 years of experience instructing fitness. With a firm belief that exercise is for everyone, Susan teaches with a nurturing, empowering technique that works with her clients' moods and abilities. The type of practioner that never instructs the same way twice, Susan Gala uses her design background as inspiration with each class having a different flow and sequence. Susan began her fitness career instructing a choreographed Joy of Movement program. After experiencing a serious injury, she started instructing water fitness classes. Because Pilates and water fitness are the only methods where all muscles are worked simultaneously, both providing resistance without weight training, she was naturally drawn to Pilates. She started her Pilates practice 15 years ago as a method of rehabilitation after shoulder surgery. Pilates immediately resonated with her as a powerful technique that could be used by all individuals, regardless of their fitness levels, one that also provides powerful resistance exercises for protecting bone density and creating a longer, leaner look.

Devoted to aging gracefully through physical wellness, Susan created Gala Pilates in 2004 as an extension of how she lives -- with an emphasis on a tranquil, uncomplicated, less stressful lifestyle. Gala Pilates is a serene place far away from the crowded gym, one that truly emphasizes the harmony, balance and strength Pilates brings.

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